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"The Awning Thing"

An edited version of Clay's posting on 6th June 2003:

When I first began collecting Hazle pieces in 1998, I early on discovered and was fascinated by the different ways the same moulds were painted - not just the color variations but completely different shops.

And "The Awning Thing"? During the early era, Hazle produced some nearly identical moulds - but with an interesting variation. Some had no awning, some had a "rounded" awning, and some a "straight" awning. I had discovered the hidden world of the older retired shops such as the Hairdresser, Fishmonger, Jeweller, Barber, Bakery, East End and East Side (NY) Delis - and I was hooked. In older brochures from Hazle, I was able to find pictures of most of these - but not East End Deli.

Then recently I discovered yet another variation - on the Greengrocer, a staple of anyone's High Street. The one I have has a round awning with ONE window on top and I think comes as brick or green. Hazle brochures show another round awning with TWO windows on top! But they both have the same catalogue number. Hmmm. Anyway, here's my list of who's got what awning. Please correct or add to it if you can.

Marilyn's reply was revised in 2006 when photos were added, and again in 2011.

Colchester High Street was one of the seven original buildings that Hazle first sold to stockists as a complete street in 1990. It was initially created with a single mould (now called Mould 1) for the Round and Straight Awnings only, added to the mould after the first firing. Around 1996 the mould started being used without any awning for specials only.

A much-altered Mould 2 with a Round Awning for the new Greengrocer 2 was created in 1995.

Mould 1 with a Round, Straight or No Awning and Mould 2 for Greengrocer 2 all count as one building shape called Colchester High Street - according to the criteria in the Shapes section. Some photo examples are featured in that section, which also has further discussion on the original and later Greengrocers.

The original range on Mould 1 was retired in 1997 but some pieces continued to be painted on previously cast bisques. The newer Greengrocer 2 issued in 1995 on Mould 2 was retired in 2002.

Hairdresser Fishmonger Family Butcher Barber

Photo 1 above is the standard Hairdresser/Beauty Parlour on Mould 1 with the Round Awning. It also came with a pink awning and trim colour. Early on a few were done just as a Beauty Parlour.

Photo 2 is the standard Fishmonger on Mould 1 with a Straight Awning, It also came with lilac window lintels.

Photo 3 is the final standard Butcher on Mould 1 with the Straight Awning. (Initially Hazle did a Healthfood or Wholefood Shop with a Round Awning as a counterpart to the Butcher.)

Photo 4 is the standard Barber on the Straight Awning. (Early Straight Awnings were longer than the above.)

Greengrocer Greengrocer Jeweller East Side Deli

Photo 1 above is the original Greengrocer on Mould 1, one of several standard paintings with a Round Awning. Although most of the original paintings retired with Mould 1 in 1997, the first Greengrocer painting retired in 1995 to make way for the new Greengrocer 2 on Mould 2 below.

Photo 2 shows Greengrocer 2 on Mould 2 with a 3D stall and man as detailed in the table below. Introduced in 1995, it was only ever painted as a Greengrocer. It also comes brick-coloured. (Regarding Clay's query, the same catalogue number for both Greengrocer versions above simply refers to a company pricing point.) This new Mould 2 continued until 2002, long after the first mould was retired in 1997.

Photo 3 shows the Jeweller LP200 on No Awning, issued as a Collectors' Club piece. The No Awning was only used for non-standard paintings.

Photo 4 shows East Side Deli that started on No Awning. (When No Awning finished casting it was painted on some remaining moulds with a Round Awning. Brian at John English Gifts suggested the East End Deli. I have only seen it on the Round Awning. The painting is identical to East Side Deli apart from the name and awning.)

Table of Colchester Awnings

All STANDARD PAINTINGS are shown. The list of OTHERS is not exhaustive.

Two top windows
Round 2nd floor lintels
One window box
Hairdresser/Beauty Parlour
Greengrocer (until 1995)
Bagel Bakery
Deli (East End & East Side)
Trick or Treat

Two top windows
Round 2nd floor lintels
One window box

Family Butcher
Sewing Room LP500
Hairdresser (a few)
Burns Fireplaces LP5

One top window
Straight 2nd floor lintels
Three window boxes
3D stall & man
Planet Organic LP1
Two top windows
Round 2nd floor lintels
One window box
Deli (East Side only?)
Jeweller CC LP200
Town & Country LP1
Cosmo's Fish Bar LP1

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