Know-How: Bermudan

On 8th September 2003 Jo asked about Forever Flowers:

I have a Hazle called Forever Flowers. Anyone else seen this one anywhere?

(I can't tell you how nice it is to have fellow Hazle collectors. I thought I was the only one who went wobbly at the mention of Hazle Ceramics. I discovered them in 1991 at Covent Garden and was mesmerized. I must have stood there an hour just looking. I wish I had started collecting then, but alas couldn't justify it as I knew I would get the bug. I bought my first in 1997 and now have 40 - I got the bug! It's wonderful to have somewhere to come and share my absolute joy in Hazle's... )

Clay replied:

A long time ago in Hazle terms, she did a "Bermuda Piece" called Smith's. I have never seen a picture of it. However, Forever Flowers is the same mould painted differently. There was also one other painting variation called "Green Fingers".

From Marilyn in September 2006:

Smith's of Bermuda
Smith's of Bermuda

Forever Flowers Green Fingers
Forever Flowers Green Fingers

If the Bermudan isn't your favourite building you are in very good company - Hazle would agree! Issued from 1993-99 for Smith's of Bermuda, a department store since 1889, obviously the shape and style doesn't fit in with the English range. And getting that pink paint on the wall was a pain. It is always a difficult underglaze colour. Which, all in all, is why Hazle declined the request to create an entire Bermudan street!

Members Shirley and Barry visited the shop some years back. If anyone is going that way we'd love a high resolution digital image for the Hazle Guide...

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