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When a Goodwyn School piece was included in the group Special Sale 2006, Jo wrote:

I had to let you know that ages ago when I found out that there was a Hazle painted as a school, I thought I would track it down and see if I could buy one for my collection. I rang the school and spoke to the secretary who told me that this small school had 50 painted as a fundraiser. The headmaster of the school was a collector of Hazles. We got chatting and she told me all the little ones had collected for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children the year before. In the line of chatting, I told her that I always tried to do my bit for the Biggin Hill Romania Group for disadvantaged children. She had heard of them and thought her pupils would be interested in helping in some way.

I was so pleased to meet both the secretary and headmaster at our Harvest fundraiser. They turned up with so many gifts for the Romaninan children in the orphanages: soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, brushes etc all beautifully wrapped and donated by parents and pupils. They had packed up lots of the school's spent supplies - half-used pencils, crayons, books, paints and anything they could find that could be sent for the children's schooling as these things are very hard to get. There were also the food packs they made up. Their cars were filled to the brim. The secretary even volounteered to go on one of the delivery trips to Romania for a few days to meet the children out there. The journey is not an easy one, and when you arrive it is something you will never forget.

I just wanted our Hazle members to know that something so small could turn out to be such a big thing for someone else. It certainly was in this case. The generosity of these small children in England stretched as far as the poor children in the Romanian orphanage and must have made them very happy. Thanks have to go to all the work put in by the secretary, headmaster and staff at Goodwyn School and their kindness and concern for picking up this particular cause. All started from a Hazle Ceramic ...

Goodwyn School Sherlock Holmes
Goodwyn School LP50 Sherlock Holmes

From Marilyn:

Thanks Jo. Your message prompted me to look back at my old Hazle newsletters. According to Issue 13 in Winter 1999, Goodwyn School was created along with Hazle trinket boxes and mugs to benefit the Children with Leukaemia Charity. Some children from the school visited Hazle to see ceramics being made.

High Street News said that one collector was able to obtain a Goodwyn School ceramic from the school and told bursar Glynis Hobden about the Biggin Hill Romania Group. The rest of the story in the newsletter is as you said above. A postscript in Issue 14 on Glynis’s visit to Romania said how humbling and distressing it had been, “although there is the beginning of some light at the end of the tunnel”. That was in 2000.

Sherlock - Off the Rails?

From Clay on 17th January 2006:

The Sherlock Holmes currently on eBay says "no damage", but it sure looks like the Hazle standard one missing the railings and lamp post. Anyone seen this variation?

Marilyn replied:

The metal railings and lamp post on Sherlock Homes are stuck on with glue after the ceramic has been fired - otherwise the metal would melt in the kiln. Sometimes the glue dries out and bits come off. (Hazle will stick them back or you can do it yourself.)

When I saw this listing I assumed that is what had happened here. If the seller picked up this piece say in a car boot sale they may not realise there is something missing. As far as I am aware Sherlock Holmes is always sold with these add-ons. However it is rather unusual for everything to come off, so another possibility is that this one slipped through the net by mistake. If it did once have railings it is likely that some small residue of glue would remain.

Most specials on this ceramic are without the add-ons, except the Police Station LP80.

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