Know-How: The Haunted House

On 27th October 2005 we previewed this piece from Harvey Weston's November Event:

The majority of Hazle Ceramics are painted more traditionally and most people buy them for that reason. The Haunted House seems to come into the category of occasional pieces I describe as “highly decorated” - which are more artistic than “realistic”. After all the wonderfully inventive ceramics on the 15th Anniversary themes in September, here we have something completely different again for October!

This innovative and atmospheric use of the Lavenham building by Iona has a witch on a broomstick flying through bats - plus a black cat, cobwebs and withered tree - all silhouetted against the evening sky of a setting sun. What better medium could there be than a medieval Crooked House that might itself be haunted?

Lavenham Crooked House The Haunted House
Lavenham Crooked House The Haunted House LP30

The modelled potted shrubs on the original Crooked House are imaginatively converted into cauldron shaped flame-filled braziers for the Haunted House. A rotting log painted behind creates the impression that branches above are being put to good use as firewood. And the simplicity of the colour scheme does befit a haunted house. Under the roof gable it says The Witches Den with Open Tonight on the door. There is a large Dare You Enter? sign amidst cobwebs at the side (not shown).

For those who prefer their ceramics more traditionally painted, of course a Haunted House at a tourist attraction or theme park might well be decorated in similar manner. And this could be a good one for children too!

From Jodi in Melbourne:

Wow, I think it's fantastic.

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