Know-How: Specials on Liverpool Hessy's

From Dara on 19th December 2004:

"I was wondering if anyone online is familiar with Hazle’s Synagogue piece? It’s listed as a Limited Painting on a website that I found when exploring the Yahoo Hazle site."

From Marilyn on 20th December 2004:

The Synagogue is a Limited Painting of 30 sold by John English Gifts in London at £85. Called East London Synagogue, it is painted in a very pale blue, says ‘All Faiths Welcome’ and has a Star of David above the door. The main window has a half-curtain, with a candelabra and a man with a large dark hat visible above this.

It is painted on the retired Hessy’s Music Shop from Liverpool - where the Beatles first bought their instruments. When a building is retired from the standard range it is still sometimes used for specials. I mentioned to Hazle that none had been done on Hessy’s although it has a good-sized main window, whereupon painter Iona Driver got to work. The first, Mountaineering, was a highly decorated LP10 for Harvey Weston in October 2004.

From Marilyn on 7th December 2006:

The Irish Centre LP30 was issued in Spring 2005. Prototypes were done for a Public Library and a Mosque but the Limited Paintings were never issued.

From Marilyn on 21st May 2011:

In 2008 a new Synagogue was brought out on the Northampton (Royal Theatre) building.

Synagogue on Hessy's London Central Synagogue Irish Centre
East London Synagogue
on Liverpool Hessy's
London Central Synagogue
on Northampton
Irish Cultural Centre
on Liverpool Hessy's

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