Know-How: Windsor Nell Gwynn

From Marilyn on 18th November 2005:

A member enquired about this piece on eBay. Like me he has a Nell Gwynn’s House without a number. The Nell Gwynn building in Windsor (correctly spelt without an 'e'!) was commissioned as a Hazle model by the occupants in 1993, trading as Tea Merchants. From 1993-1995 an LP250 was painted. Obviously demand continued and around 30 or so Nell Gwynn's Houses were painted after the LP finished.

Nell Gwynn's House Tea Merchant Christmas Shop
Nell Gwynn's House Tea Merchant Christmas Shop

The numbered Nell Gwynn's House on eBay had Windsor under the bay window. My unnumbered Nell Gwynn above left, has a teapot. This seems to be the only difference.

From 1995-99 the same painting, unnumbered, appeared with the title Tea Merchant and a gold teapot underneath. As above centre, some Nell Gwynn's and Tea Merchants had the date 1640 to the right of the main window.

Most collectors will be more familiar with The Christmas Shop, the standard open edition on this building from 1994-2002, shown above right.

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