Know-How: Victorian Pubs on London Red Lion

From Karen A on 21st January 2004:

"I own a plaque which I purchased in Bermuda in 1992. It is the Victorian Pub - Red Lion. In my research I have noticed that this piece is usually shown as Murphy's Irish Pub. The two look identical except for the wording above the door and the sign between the upper windows. Does anyone know if my Red Lion is more valuable or exclusive as at some point Hazle Ceramics switched the wording to Murphy's Irish Pub?"

From Marilyn:

The Victorian Pub was done with many different names. The Red Lion was probably the most prolific overall. The building shape was based on a pub of this name that still exists in the St James area of London. It was always painted with pink curtains. The Irish pubs (mainly Murphy's, plus Flanagan's and a few others) came a bit later and had green curtains. Rose & Crown was the most common name with blue curtains.

Red Lion Flanagans Rose & Crown
The Red Lion Flanagan's Rose & Crown

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