Know-How: Sherlock - Off the Rails?

From Clay on 17th January 2006:

"The Sherlock Holmes currently on eBay says "no damage", but it sure looks like the Hazle standard one missing the railings and lamp post. Anyone seen this variation?"

Marilyn replied:

The metal railings and lamp post on Sherlock Homes are stuck on with glue after the ceramic has been fired - otherwise the metal would melt in the kiln. Sometimes the glue dries out and bits come off. (Hazle will stick them back or you can do it yourself.)

If the seller picked up this piece say in a car boot sale they may not realise something is missing. As far as I am aware Sherlock Holmes is always sold with these add-ons. However it is rather unusual for everything to come off, so another possibility is that this one slipped through the net by mistake. If it did once have railings it is likely that some small residue of glue would remain.

Most specials on this ceramic are without add-ons, except the Police Station LP80.

From Marilyn on 9th December 2006: This article is also in Goodwyn School where there are photos of the latter without railings - and Sherlock with them. There is a photo of the Police Station on the Corn Craft 2005 Signing Specials page under Events.

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