Events: Harvey Weston Autumn 2004

Extract from proprietor Dave Badcock's email of 13th October 2004:

This event saw the launch of eleven very special “Out of Africa” limited paintings. These are in memory of the late Mr and Mrs Hastings, prolific collectors of Hazle Ceramics, who were both so tragically killed in a road traffic accident in South Africa in July. 10% of the proceeds from these special pieces will help raise money for Namibian charities they supported so keenly.

Harvey Weston was also chosen by Hazle for the worldwide launch of the very latest addition to her collection. “Alf Roberts Grocer” on Grantham, a Limited Edition of 1000. It is shown below in a non-standard colourway. The building is better known as the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher, who became Britain’s first woman Prime Minister.

Alf Roberts Vernon Antiques Seafarer
Alf Roberts Vernon Antiques Seafarer

There were also several new Cobham Shops:

Vernon Antiques ONP
Next door to Harvey Weston in Oakdene Parade. On Seaford

Not shown: New Cobham Chinese Takeaway & The Travel Professionals ONP on Windsor Thames Street. There was also a local butcher in East Horsley called John Wells which caters for American special cuts of meat. Some of you may have used it. This is produced as an LP50 on Canterbury Bakery.

The Seafarer LP10
Apart from Out of Africa and the new Cobham Shops there were a few other Limited Paintings including this restaurant on Southend Turret with detailed seafood on the wall.

From Marilyn on 14th October 2004 and revised with photos on 4th December 2006:

Out of Africa

Along with all the more traditional themes, Philip and Anne also loved Hazle Ceramics that were a bit different. I think they would have adored these ceramics and be very touched that the entire collection was painted in their memory.

The 10% charity donation will go towards a weekday dormitory for a school in Namibia where many children are currently travelling up to five hours a day. Philip and Anne returned from their African trips with Namibian artefacts which they asked Harvey Weston to sell. Their charity OMBILI teaches former hunter-gatherers how to farm and make crafts now that conservation laws prohibit the old way of life. The traditional Ombili motto is "Whatever the day brings".

Such was the affection for the Hastings in the workshop that when the Out of Africa idea came up, virtually all the painters wanted to have a go and they ended up with 11 paintings! Hazle regards this collection as one of the best things ever.

There are amazing depictions of animals and other ethnic themes. It is hard to choose a favourite. For those who like their ceramics without highly decorated walls, P & A Fabrics on the Seaford building might be the choice. Several paintings grouped together would make a very vibrant display. There is unlikely to be a series quite like this again so it is a chance to own a unique part of the Hazle History.

Frog P & A Fabrics Masks
Frog P & A Fabrics Masks

Out of Africa - Frog ONP10
On Tunbridge Wells. A Safari Specialist - with wonderfully painted animals everywhere. The name comes from the frog on the door

P & A Fabrics ONP4
Philip often wore brightly coloured African tops to Hazle events. So the idea of them owning P & A Fabrics is actually quite appropriate! On Seaford.

African Masks ONP6
The queue outside suggests it could be Halloween! On London Small Shop.

Lily's Detective Agency Escorted Safari
Lily's Detective Agency Escorted Safari

Lily's ONP8
This is as bright and exotic as one would expect an African florist to be! In the window above the flowers are two African ladies, barely visible here. Some of the eight Lily’s were painted with striped canopies as here, some were plain and some had no canopy. Apart from Lily’s, the only other Florists with a canopy were the few painted as Moonflower - a Harvey Weston “Cobham Shop”. On Maldon.

Detective Agency ONP9
Situated on the first floor, this was inspired by the Ladies No 1 Detective Agency in Botswana from the best-selling novels of Alexander McCall Smith. Some of the painters read them. The ground floor of On Safari sells expeditionary kit. On Hay-on-Wye.

Escorted Safari ONP9
In the window it says, "Fully Escorted Tours and Safaris" an idea that would not have appealed to Philip visiting his homeland! Although it often meant missing a Hazle event, he and Anne travelled to southern African most years and the animals shown in this painting would have been familiar. Even on a one-month trip the Hastings would cover 6,000 kilometers, all on a DIY basis. On Pateley Bridge 2.

Book Your Safari Zulu African Map
Book Your Safari Zulu African Map

Book Your Safari ONP4
After this prototype was painted someone realised that tigers are only found in India. Hazle decided that, as people like tigers, changing the title to Book Your Safari would cover other continents too! On Hay-on-Wye.

Zulu Theme Restaurant ONP4
There are people in the upper windows, an African waitress in ethnic dress outside and a great portrayal of mud huts under the eaves. An innovative use of London Tavern.

African Map ONP8
Another Safari Operator with the queue indicating a great price offer! On London Small Shop.

African Crafts African Art
African Crafts African Art

African Crafts ONP2
On London Old Curiosity. The piece on display at Harvey Weston didn't have the gold title painted which may account for the low take-up of this extraordinary painting. (Lettering was added later.) The bushmen who made the crafts in the windows appear on the wall above in a style that reminds me of some early cave paintings.

African Art ONP10
Also known as Ostrich from an illustration on the wall. With many more incredible details and a striking colour scheme. On Sidmouth.

From Marilyn on 5th December 2006:

With hindsight Hazle says this range should have been more widely available after the Signing. With only 74 paintings in total from 11 designs, it is a very rare set.

The In Memoriam Tributes to Anne and Philip are in the What People Say section.

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