Events: Harvey Weston 2005

Extract from proprietor Dave Badcock's email to the group after the event:

As you probably know last Saturday 5th November we had another Hazle Ceramics Event Day at the store, which was very successful, with Hazle herself attending.

On the day, we saw the world wide launch of Hazle's very latest introduction. She has called it The Chantry. It is an Open Edition and is the house where one of the "Pilgrim Fathers" lived in up until 1620, when he sailed for America in the Mayflower. It belonged to Christopher Martin who was their Treasurer. It's in Billericay, Essex and is now an Indian Restaurant. This ceramic will be available for US "Thanksgiving Day". Hazle also intends to produce The Chantry at Christmas LP200 (shown below).

Hazle has painted the first Waite, Rose & Taylor for our Cobham Shops series. There are also new Limited Paintings, many with seasonal themes. Several are shown below.

Village Antiques LM250 is one of my all time favourites. This Antiques shop is in the same town of Uppingham in Leicestershire as Hazle’s popular "Garden Shop". This has separately cast items added over the shopfront and modelled artefacts around the main window, which makes it especially interesting. (Shown in Windsor Catalogue.)

For any of you who have lived around Cobham, you may be interested to know that a large number of customers have been asking us to personalise "The Clock Tower" and adapt it to the International Community Church in nearby Hersham. This piece is personalised on the front and back and is an open edition. The clock has even been set to 8.55pm, the time of a regular service. (Not shown)

In addition to Spooks below, also on this theme are the Haunted House LP30 on Lavenham (featured in Ceramic Focus) and Guido’s LP10 on Upminster TV Shop. Guido was Guy Fawkes real first name. There is a “Guy” and fireworks inside.

Selection of New Specials

Christmas Chantry Spooks Lady Fortescue's
Christmas Chantry Spooks Lady Fortescue's

Christmas Chantry LP200
The bright and colourful alter ego of the new Chantry model on Billericay.

Lady Fortescue's LP20
Victorian Ladies' Boot and Shoe Shop on Hay Bookshop with many people in the shop.

Spooks LP30
Very atmospheric Halloween Shop on Bath Chemist.

Waite, Rose & Taylor Carols by Candlelight Christmas Food Hall
Waite, Rose
& Taylor
Carols by
Food Hall

Waite, Rose & Taylor ONP
How Waitrose started - with varying products and posters. On Pateley Bridge 2.

Carols by Candlelight LP30
Church names and other details may vary. On Northampton Theatre.

Christmas Food Hall LP30
A Christmas makeover for Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe on Melton Mowbray.

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