Events: Harvey Weston 2006

From Marilyn on 16th November 2006:

The Harvey Weston Signing was held on Tuesday 7th November. Afterwards Dave Badcock posted photos and information to the group. An edited version appears below, with added notes from me.

Christmas Decorations Ironmonger Town Hall

Christmas Decorations Ironmonger LP30 On Uppingham Garden Shop.
Although this might look like an altered mould the special features have been created over the regular Garden Shop modelling with Bumpy Doodles! These include all the Christmas trees, the star on the wall, the snowman with top hat, wreath and snow.

The product can be used in a number of ways and is applied either under or over the glaze. The firing temperature makes a difference to the way it turns out. At 1000-1060 degrees C (close to glaze firing at 1000C and bisque firing at 1160C) the consistency is more runny. For a firmer texture, the gold or decal degrees of 725 and 840C are used.

Town Hall LP5 On Victorian Post Office from Bury St Edmunds.
The VPO was retired in 1997 and these are painted on original bisques which recently turned up. As the only known specials, apart from title signs of Police Station and a few Cobham POs, they should prove good collectors' items.

Bakery at the Chantry Austin & Co

Bakery at the Chantry LP10 On Billericay Chantry.
This building was once a bakery so it seemed an appropriate theme.

Austin & Co LP5 Ladies & Children’s Outfitter. On London Dickens Museum.
It looks as if the clothes might be from the 1930s - but I am happy to be corrected!

Santa's Workshop Carols by Candlelight Black Eagle

Santa's Workshop LP50 On Fish & Chips with bevelled roof edges.
This painting has been around for a couple of years but was only sold by John English Gifts and Roding Arts so it may be the first time many have seen it.

Some original bisques with bevelled roof edges were used for this. The variation was initially created at the greenware stage. Hazle thinks a corner got knocked off one roof and the workshop thought it would make an interesting change. When those old bisques ran out, more bevelled edges were created by a glass worker at Barleylands with a machine that cuts through fired bisqueware like butter. Inevitably some bisques with bevelled edges have been used for Fish & Chips too. This variant has been added to the London Small Shop page.

Carols by Candlelight LP30 On Northampton Theatre.
This is part of the Limited Painting launched at Harvey Weston last year - but some painted details have been altered. For example, the ground floor railings on the previous version are now solid doors and the upper windows have different images and colours. There is also some Bumpy Doodles snow. Church names may vary.

Black Eagle LP30 Pub and Brewery. On Grantham (Alf Roberts)
Left hand end piece. This ceramic reflects the growth in micro-breweries, especially for stouts and ales as shown here.

NOTE: Bumpy Doodles snow has been added to this year's version of Christmas Food Hall LP30 on Melton Mowbray, shown on the Harvey Weston Autumn 2005 site.

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