Cyber Signing 2004

Hazle Ceramics eGroup Cyber Signing
Saturday 14th to Sunday 22nd February 2004

1. The Wine Press (on Pateley Bridge 1)

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The "baby" of the bunch. Hazle wanted to have one small model and considering the start date of February 14th, something romantic was suggested. Painted by Hazle, this was the closest her mood would take her at the time! (Some might say the two themes are related but as a non-imbiber I couldn't possibly comment... )

This charming painting has vines and bottles in the shop and on the wall. On the ground floor it reads "Celebration Champagne", "Vintage" and "Classic". On the first floor there is "Wine Tasting 8pm". The building from Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire resembles the early Small Shop ceramic which now does well on the secondary market.

(Although this model only came out last autumn Hazle has already designed a second version with a smooth stucco wall, a right hand door and a shop front with a single pane. Pateley Bridge 2 will be available as a standard Deli soon.)

2. The Varsity Shop and Back to School (on Windsor Thames Street)

Varsity, an informal term for university, particularly applies to Oxford and Cambridge and this shop is based on one in Oxford. The wall is painted in the customary Oxbridge colour of blue and the title is in 18 carat gold. The teddy bear mascot complete with mortar board sits atop a heavy volume. A traditional May Ball is advertised on the first floor. On Back to School, barely visible here beside the letterbox is a large ladybird: motif for a popular brand of children's wear.

This pair of buildings, dating from the 18th century, are to be found at 20 and 21 Thames Street which runs along the wall of Windsor Castle. Created for the Jubilee Parade in 2002, the words Windsor Jubilee are impressed in the back.

Painted by Doreen Bright, it looks distinct from other specials on this.

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3. The Magic Carpet (on Nottingham)

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Appropriately for a ceramic with this name, The Magic Carpet is a theme that Hazle has always dreamed of doing. She has thoroughly researched her subject. Not only will every carpet be painted differently but each will have its own authentic pattern!

Hazle likes black shop fronts because they were a traditional colour, along with burgundy and dark green in Georgian and Victorian times.

Features, including the title sign and beautiful architectural detailing, are painted in 18 carat gold. This requires a third visit to the kiln, after the bisque and paint/glaze firings.

The Hazle 2000 Limited Edition is based on the first Boots branch at 33 Goosegate, Nottingham. Both this version and the one on Filofax (see 7) will count towards one Limited Painting.

While numbers last...
Boots has fewer than 100 castings to go. So this is likely to be one of the very last specials.

4. Rods 'n' Reels (on London Old Curiosity)

Painted by Carol Whaley in the same spirited style as the Motorcycle Shop inspired by her brother (in the Photo Album). Do we detect a fisherman in the family too?!

The shop is full of all imaginable kit, including some famous brand names. The orange doors make a striking contrast to the sea blue walls. It is closed and a sign says, "Gone Fishing" - but of course!

Rods 'n' Reels is also painted on Sidmouth (see 10).

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5. Family History Centre (on London Sherlock)

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Also painted by Carol on Sherlock Holmes without railings. 221B Baker Street London, has been re-created as a sort of Museum. It is as if the fictional detective really did live there - and still does!.

The mould has been modified to incorporate the raised plaque saying "FAMILY HISTORY". (The Hazle Ceramics logo in the centre only appears on this Boyles family prototype.)

Like other painters, Carol enjoys depicting themes with a family connection - and her husband is very involved with a family history group.

This Open Painting will remain after the Signing. It is the only piece not exclusive to the eGroup, but Hazle thought the subject may interest some members. Instead of the word "BOYLES" within the green border at the top, this area can be left as painted wall. Or it can have a name of your choice.

6. Vets and Pets (on Upminster)

"How Much is that Doggie in the Window...?"

This reminds me of that old song. The workshop decided the little girl (young Hazle) was pointing at a pet she wanted, not a birthday cake as I suggested! Her own dog seems pretty excited too...

The sign in the centre of the wall advertises "Bennetts Veterinary Surgery" above the shop and the bunting and banner celebrate an Open Day.

Painted by Sharon Stroud on the TV Shop, a 1930's building with a lovely Dutch gable from Upminster in Essex.

This Hazle 2000 Limited Edition is being discontinued - it wasn't in the recent catalogue. There have been very few specials done on the building so it should be highly collectable for the future.

The ceramic is called Vets & Pets but there is a choice of shop name, either "Pets Galore" as shown or "Vets and Pets" in the same style.

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7. The Magic Carpet (on London Filofax)

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Developed and painted by Hazle, the elegantly understated colour scheme perfectly complements this classical facade. Window drapes blend in to soften the lines of the building.

Delightful finishing touches include oriental ornaments in the first floor windows and a chandelier glimpsed through the fanlight above the door.

The title and other features are picked out in 18 carat gold which requires a third firing in the kiln. Again, every carpet in this Limited Painting will be painted with its own authentic design.

If you don't have a special based on Filofax, a Hazle 2000 Limited Edition (or even if you do!) this could be the one - it's the best I've seen.

The Magic Carpet is also on Boots (see 3).

8. Keyboard Friends (on London Old Curiosity)

The first website went online on 6th August 1991 and for many people it is now hard to imagine life without the internet. There are an estimated 171 billion pages, growing by 11 million a day. At this rate, web pages will exceed the number of observable galaxies in the Universe by 2013!

Iona Driver took some eGroup's ideas and painted our very first ceramic as a High Street Cyber Cafe. Hazle Ceramics appear on the computer screens and inside walls, with the eGroup web address on the left outside.

This will remain available as an Open Numbered Painting for a limited period after the event.

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9. Keyboard Friends (on Nottingham)

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This version is painted by Sharon. The coat hanging over the staircase, the child playing with her bricks, the pets and of course the Hazle Ceramics give this Cyber Cafe a very homely feel.

We are reliably informed that the lady on the left is not topless!! But is she trying to get a better angle on a Cyber Signing ceramic? Or is the pussycat trying to hog the screen, having spotted the fish on Rods 'n' Reels? The upper windows are populated too!

This painting is also on the Boots Hazle 2000 Limited Edition, without any gold which makes it a little cheaper.

While numbers last...
The Open Numbered Painting will remain after the Signing and can be ordered later. But don't wait too long if this is your preferred choice of eGroup ceramic.

With fewer than 100 castings to go we will endeavour to keep the eGroup posted on the availability of this building.

10. Rods 'n' Reels (on Sidmouth)

Also painted by Carol, the colour scheme is the same as on Old Curiosity (see 4). There is a little less orange and the predominant hue is royal blue. Together with the slightly smaller scale this gives the painting a more muted look. The owners here have also shut up shop and "Gone Fishing". Typical...

The shop, with its intricate roof and lovely Victorian lamp, comes from my home town of Sidmouth, renowned for its pretty countryside and period buildings beside the sea. Gliddons, now a Kitchen Shop in real life as well as in Hazle Ceramics, has been part of the same family firm for well over 100 years. If visiting you can find it on the corner of Church Street and Old Fore Street opposite the Market Place.

Both versions will count towards the same Limited Painting.

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11. Home and Colonial Stores (on Liverpool M&S)

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WOW! From the delicate painting of the ornately modelled fascia and front - to the beautiful blue-tiled curving counter inside - we think this Victorian Grocer is gorgeous. This is Hazle Ceramics as art form, while still being "traditionally painted".

It is full of Sharon's lovely lettering - Bovril being a beef tea. Other wonderful features include ringlets falling from the girl's bonnet, a woven basket in the doorway, scales on the cheese counter ... look at the high resolution image and see what else you can find.

The name is based on a grocery chain from the late 1800s which did not survive the growth of supermarkets in the 1950s. It is painted on Marks & Spencer - the Liverpool branch at 61 Lime Street in 1903.

While numbers last...
There are fewer than 100 castings left to complete this Hazle 2000 Limited Edition and it is neck and neck with Boots as to which will finish first. This is arguably the best special on M&S and probably one of the last.

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