Events: Cyber Signing 2005

Chat Room - Sunday 20th March 2005

Despite a small turn-out the Chat Room with Hazle was enjoyable. Subjects discussed included the new Barleylands Workshop which is very busy with Hobby Painting. This is a good thing - but just makes it more difficult to get settled in. With school holidays staggered over the next five weeks, ceramic production may slow down - but this won’t affect the Cyber Ceramics. Last week Hazle and some painters did a two-day ceramic painting event on Myth & Legend at a local primary school involving all the pupils.

In response to a question from Martyn in Hampshire, Hazle told us the Village Collection is initially likely to feature buildings from Suffolk, one of her favourite counties. It will include another Crooked House, a lovely half-timbered art gallery from the mediaeval village of Lavenham. Nearby stockist Corn Craft in the pretty hamlet of Monks Eleigh has been trying to persuade Hazle for over five years. Clearly persistence pays! There was talk of holding an event there as their café does a mean cream tea...

Mary from Maryland asked if Hazle would do a Mystery bookshop. As a bookworm herself, Hazle was very taken with the idea. There is a shop called Murder One in Charing Cross Road, the ‘book street’ of London. (Remember the film 84 Charing Cross Road about an Antiquarian Bookshop.) Hazle was also reminded about the Poor House Janie suggested last time.

There was also an enquiry about whether Hazle would be commemorating the Royal Wedding of Charles and Camilla. The answer was yes if she could think of something quirky - for example, the St James caterer who is doing the wedding breakfast. Other suggestions included the Queen looking on from an upper window - but that may be difficult to portray accurately on a ceramic. Talents of Windsor haven’t requested anything as yet - and they are only a stone’s throw from the Guildhall and Castle.

The session included experimentation with Yahoo features such as Voice Chat. Martyn was away for a few minutes sorting out a tangle of wires after an accident when he was trying to connect a microphone to his computer. Voice Chat was abandoned when it became apparent that not everyone could hear.

However chatters had a lot of fun with the Emote User, activated by the Chat Room ! icon. Mike d'O had a theory that Yahoo cuts you off if you don’t make regular comments or are a slow typist but doesn’t if you keep pressing the emote facility. It was worth a try and we all took turns to “laugh out loud”, “chuckle with amusement”, “stand up and applause”, “flirt with the room”, “apologise”, “groan loudly” and other such phrases. In the end I'm not sure if we proved Mike’s theory but ‘emoting’ certainly made for a lively session!

Feedback from Martyn on 14th May 2005:

I don't know if everybody has got their recently ordered ceramics from the Cyber Signing but I have to comment on the outstanding quality of the painting and in particularly on Fireworks, the Clockshop and Heraldry. The detail, precision and sheer quantity of objects to look at (and I nearly forgot the Ironmongers!!!) make these excellent acquisitions. The price of each of these was well worth the money. Congratulations to Hazle and all the painters.

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