The Basket Maker

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Never painted before and also the first special on The Nutshell, issued in 2008. Carbon dated to 10 BCE, baskets are probably earlier. The Somerset Levels is the main UK wetland and the only one where willow is still grown commercially.

 Coates Willows & Wetlands Centre Stoke St Gregory, near Glastonbury.
An area in the Coates Walks Leaflet. Insect life is varied and there are important bird breeding grounds. 

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Hazle Ceramics
The Basket Maker
Numbered After Event
on Bury Nutshell
with added baskets

 Coates harvest withies in winter. New beds are laid using the last year’s crop in late May. Established plants can last 30 years. Autumn leaf mulch eliminates the need for fertilisers.

2009 Cyber Ceramic

Cart and wheelchair in the Basket Museum. 
Buff willow: boiled and stripped of bark. 

UK/Europe £84.50
Rest of World £73.48

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P H Coate & Son
Founded 1819 by Robert Coate, methods haven’t changed much but products are adapted. Living Willow sculpture has featured on BBC TV’s Gardeners’ World. Willow spiling and hurdles help reinforce river banks. Willow charcoal is used by artists and as a propellant in explosives and fireworks. And Coates wicker furniture is still in demand now, just as it was in Victorian times.

Willow coffins are now a popular green option. 

 Posh picnic hampers! Coates supply major stores, museums and stage or film sets such as Johnny Depp’s Sweeney Todd and Channel 4’s River Cottage.