His Master’s Voice

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The UK Gramophone Company began in 1897, initially a US partner. Edward Elgar opened its first HMV shop in Oxford Street, London in 1921. It became EMI in 1931, later signing The Beatles! EMI’s largely classical HMV record label ended circa 1983 - the CD era. Since 2002 an “HMV Group” sells CDs, DVDs and computers in their UK & Irish stores.

 A later model of the cylinder phonograph Edison created in 1877 that recorded and played.
A US postage stamp from 1977 marks Edison’s first machine. 

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Hazle Ceramics
His Master’s Voice
Numbered After Event
on Windsor Thames Street

2009 Cyber Ceramic

 HMV records started in the UK in 1909: an early black label above is priced under 1p!
Above right: a boxed Edison cylinder record. These weren’t made after 1929 as play-only discs were much cheaper to mass produce.

UK/Europe £79.50
Rest of World £69.13

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His Master’s Voice
English artist Francis Barraud painted his brother’s terrier Nipper - listening to his late master’s voice. In 1899 the US Gramophone Co bought it with the Edison replaced by a turntable, invented by Berliner in 1888. The ceramic has both versions. Now many companies have rights to the enduring HMV logo in their own country.

 Photo of Barraud’s picture before the Edison was painted over. Edison's company wouldn’t buy the painting and said, "Dogs don't listen to phonographs."!

 Barraud’s final picture. His dead master’s voice was only on cylinders, so Nipper would not be able to hear it on this record player!