Those Were The Days

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Many stars got a start in Music Hall. It has inspired works such as The Muppets, Those Were The Days film & musical and Oscar nominee The Entertainer. Edwardian-styled The Good Old Days ran an TV from 1953-83. And Paul McCartney’s Music Hall roots can be seen in songs like When I’m 64 and Oh-Bla-Di.

 Vintage recordings, based on Tipping the Velvet novel & TV series on Music Hall drag kings!

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Hazle Ceramics
Those Were The Days
Numbered After Event
on Sidmouth

 East End Wilton’s is a rare unrestored Music Hall still used for supper shows - and weddings.
Chaplin, Stan Laurel and WC Fields performed at Hackney Empire, purpose-built in 1901. 
 Left: Champagne Charlie song poster. Right: Mischief sung by big British star Marie Lloyd.

2009 Cyber Ceramic

UK/Europe £74.50
Rest of World £64.78

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The Music Hall Story
The first hall opened in 1852 at South London. By 1885 classic designs had replaced gaudy ones. King George V was at the first Royal Variety Show in 1912, still a charity gala today. After 1945 TV and radio took hold and most halls shut in the 1960s. Ironically TV now revives Variety. The recent and world exported (Britain’s) Got Talent comes with “spesh” acts and very vocal live theatre audiences!

 c1920, Charlie Chaplin (1898-1977) was in Music Hall from 5! His tragic East End childhood is evoked in his 1952 film Limelight.