Events: Corn Craft 2005

From Marilyn:

The Crooked House ceramic launched at Corn Craft is a standard Open Edition and appears on a separate page with the event itself. This page shows the Limited Paintings developed for Corn Craft or started there.

Suffolk Crafts

Suffolk Crafts LP30 on Canterbury Burgate

This ceramic is as pretty as a pink-washed Suffolk cottage, with specially painted beams on the top floor. An Exhibition of Weavers, Dyers and Spinners epitomises the history of Lavenham and is perfectly attuned to this Signing.

With a spinning wheel in the centre of the wall, weaving looms on the first and second floors, in the top left window dyed items are hanging out to dry.

Painted by Sharon Stroud


Ray's Hardware

Ray's Hardware LP10 on Canterbury Bakery

Painted with Doreen's customary tiny and meticulous details, this is based on an actual shop in Brentwood.

Like most Hardware shops it appears to sell almost everything, including kitchen, home and garden wares. Along with the tethered terrier, there are bags of logs, coal and tools outside.

Painted by Doreen Bright


The Farmer's Arms

The Farmer's Arms LP10 on Hay-one-Wye

It’s not often that you can see inside Hazle’s Pubs but here the bars and throngs of people are fully visible.

So named because Corn Craft is on a farm, Morris Dancing and the Suffolk Darts League are featured in posters on the wall.

Painted by Iona Driver


Hair Care

Hair Care LP30 on Pateley Bridge 1

Wendy, a Corn Craft customer and hairdresser commissioned this as Wendy’s Hair Care. She was present at the Signing and gave permission for it to be made into a Limited Painting. Another pretty painting - using that Suffolk pink colour again.

There may be small variations between pieces.

Painted by Sharon Stroud


Burns Fireplaces

Burns Fireplaces LP5 on Colchester High Street

During the workshop clear-out before the move, five original bisques were discovered and later used for this Limited Painting. Probably a first for the theme, either on this model or at all.

The wall is painted in a mottled-brick colour which I haven't seen on this building before. The shop window is full of fireplaces with bags of fuel sitting outside.

Painted by Iona Driver


Police Station

Police Station LP80 on London Sherlock

Originally requested by members for our Cyber Signing earlier in the year, it turned up at Corn Craft. Better late than never...

Painted on a model of 221B Baker Street in London, the fictional address for Sherlock Holmes and now a real museum dedicated to him. Another example of Life imitating Art. It wasn't the case with Sherlock, but some private eyes start out as policemen. This painting shows the reverse happening!

Painted by Carol Whaley


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