Events: John English Gifts 2006

Signing Specials

All the Limited Paintings are linked to London in some way, with four especially related to the St James Walk.



This is based on the famous perfumery established in 1730 at 89 Jermyn Street and still trading there. The pretty shop window is slightly different on each ceramic.

Floris have held royal warrants since 1820 and is currently By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen and The Prince of Wales. Ledgers from the 18th and 19th centuries detail accounts of an astonishing array of people including virtually all European royalty, Florence Nightingale and Beau Brummel who discussed his personal fragrances with founder Mr Floris at great length. In more recent times the one and only James Bond sports the gentleman's Floris 89 and in the film Scent of a Woman the blind Al Pacino character recognises a Floris fragrance! For more information see the St James Walk.

Painted on London Floris

Hats Off & James


Because Jermyn Street was so close to the Royal Court of St James and at the heart of gentlemen's "clubland", it was an epicentre for the aristocracy in the 18th century and also a fashionable location for wealthy gentlemen to have their London address. On our walk we saw many Gentlemen’s Outfitters and Hat Shops like the ones in this painting, especially around Jermyn Street, indicating that this tradition is alive in the twenty-first century. The Hats Offs sign in particular is painted with Sharon’s calligraphic flourish.

Painted by Sharon Stroud on Windsor Thames Street

The Mayflower


This pub is really a companion piece to the new Chantry building from Billericay, home of Christopher Martin - The Mayflower ship’s quartermaster. Above the tableau of figures it says, “Celebrate Thanksgiving here - Roast Turkey Dinners”

Painted by Iona Driver on London Tavern

Papa Joe's


Papa Joe is a famous figure in the jazz world and this painting is based on a Night Club in London. A jazz trio play in the window and the decoration on the wall is very eye-catching! This building is retired and Papa Joe's is painted on some of the remaining bisques.

Painted by Doreen Bright on Liverpool Hessy's

London Pride


Following the recent Volunteers Bureau on Fish & Chips, here is the second piece in the series on the 2012 London Olympics - for which this Medals and Trophies Shop is the official supplier! The sign on the wall says, “ Will you win Gold in 2012? Free Coaching for Children Here.”

Painted by Iona Driver on Pateley Bridge 1



You don’t see many dedicated tobacconists nowadays but you would have done in the past times re-visited on our walk. This is based on a real life example, W Rayleigh & Son. The sign on the wall says, “Visit our walk-in Humidor.” This is a special place for storing tobacco, snuff and cigars.

Painted by Sharon Stroud on Canterbury Burgate

Coffee House


Coffee Houses first became popular in Europe with the introduction of Turkish coffee in the 1600s. The first one in London opened in 1652. In 1698 Jonathan's Coffee House saw the listing of stock prices that evolved into the London Stock Exhange. Auctions in attached salesrooms provided the start for Southeby's and Christie's. Excepting ladies who were not permitted, all classes of people flocked to them for business or to read the gazettes. By the mid 1700s the growth of gentlemen's clubs skimmed off many aristocratic clients.

Lloyds of London

In 1688 Edward Lloyd opened a coffee house in Tower Street where he encouraged ship owners, captains and merchants by posting reliable shipping news. In 1696 he began publishing Lloyd's News, London's first daily newspaper. Lloyd's Coffee House became recognised as the place to obtain marine insurance. By 1771 a group of Lloyd's customers formed their own association of underwriters. In 1871 the first Lloyd's Act was passed by Parliament to promote marine insurance and shipping intelligence. Today Lloyd's of London is a world leader in many insurance areas.

Painted by Doreen Bright on London Filofax

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