Know-How: Hazle Signatures

From Clay on 10th May 2007:

Misrepresentation Alert for eBay

A Painswick Post Office is listed on eBay this week. The seller states that it is signed by Hazle, but it is just the standard "Hazle" logo in the lower right front of the item. I notified the seller but they did not list my comment nor reply back. Buyer beware.

From Hazle's Workshop on 15th May:

Dear Clay - Just noticed your email about the Hazle signature and thought to comment. The signature cannot be guaranteed being done by Hazle herself but to refer to it just as a 'logo' has a suggestion of it not being hand signed. It was signed by one of the two chief painters or Hazle, who checked the work at the time.

From Clay on 15th May:

I realize the "Hazle" on the front is hand painted, but usually not (or possibly never) by Hazle unless she did all the painting. When a seller says their Hazle item is "signed by the artist", I still think when the front is inscribed "Hazle", it is a misrepresentation, or at best a shady inference, that the artist was actually Hazle Boyles.

From Marilyn on 17th May 2007:

Adding to what has already been said on the subject...

Front Signature of “Hazle”

I was speaking to Hazle yesterday and, since Sharon left last year, she is now checking and signing all the ceramics herself. Whenever she does the front signature, it is regardless of whether she did the painting. So Hazle has come full circle from the beginning as the only person currently signing fronts!

Apart from Hazle herself, the only people who became Chief Painter (or Paintress) were Chris McAllister (1992 - end 2003) and Sharon Stroud (2004 - September 2006). Although other painters may have signed a few fronts, during their respective eras Chris and Sharon would have checked and signed the majority of ceramics.

Some painters signed fronts of ceramics they had painted, often just for a brief period. These include: Linda Murphy, Tonya Attwood, Cara Hornett and Michelle Bland. The two latter painters still work for Hazle but currently don’t sign fronts.

Helen Gore, a painter and quality controller for several years from 1992, and Iona Driver both signed fronts, even for pieces they hadn’t painted. Iona is still a painter, but these days is also very involved with the Potter’s Wheel facility. She doesn’t sign at the moment because her signature is very distinct from Hazle’s and this stands out more when Hazle's is the only other signature.

Thanks to Hazle and Iona for giving further information on the other signers.

Front Signature of “Hazle Boyles”

Only Hazle ever signs the front with the full signature of Hazle Boyles. So far this has been used on the earliest ceramics from 1990 - end 1992 and on the 10th Anniversary Event Piece in 2000. Again Hazle did not paint all of them herself.

At the Collectors’ Day in 2005 correction slips were issued for this Event Piece, as the original certificates said the full signature was discontinued at the end of 1991.

Misrepresentation on eBay

When I saw the eBay listings that included the Painswick PO mentioned by Clay, I assumed they were referring to the Painters' Marks on the back. But as the seller didn’t respond to Clay’s question maybe there was an intention to mislead. When those particular pieces were current, Chris was the main checker and front signer - so it is less likely that Hazle signed them.

Rear Signatures

Hazle normally signs "Hazle Boyles" in gold on the back of ceramics designated as Signing Specials. At events she will also sign a maximum of three Hazle pieces brought from home. In addition to their Painter's Mark, other painters occasionally sign in gold on pieces they have designed and painted.

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