Building Shapes: Orientation

From Linda on 15th January 2008:

Is there a list of all Hazle Ceramics made? Does it give approximate values? I'm getting into this line again... I bought my first pieces at Selfridges when I was visiting London.

Marilyn's 2008 reply was revised in 2012:

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO LIST OF VALUES AND WE ARE UNABLE TO OFFER VALUATIONS. Below is a guide to all 92 building shapes to date in the flatback Nation of Shopkeepers range. The term building shape is based on the outline of the model. There is more detail on the Why Shapes? link above.

Building shapes are shown according to year of issue. End dates usually refer to casting which can sometimes continue past an official "retirement" date. Old bisques can also be found and painted much later.

All shapes are shown to scale, which is 30 pixels per inch. Depending on your browser you may be able to view pixel info by right clicking on the photo then clicking on Properties. Actual dimensions are shown with the full size images on A Piece of Britain.

Ambitiously some building variants are also indicated, such as modelled alterations or additions and/or add-ons such as awnings and post boxes. The Building Variations link above gives more details.

Space only allows for some of often many paintings. The photo is usually listed first. Gold links go to photos and articles on this site. Purple links go to photos and features on A Piece of Britain, either on the main site or in the archive. Paintings listed in pink lettering have no link.

LE   = Limited Edition where a shape is numbered
LM   = Limited Mould where a mould variation is numbered
AM   = Altered Mould which is unnumbered or used more than once
LP   = Limited Painting where a painting is numbered
ONP   = Open Numbered Painting eg No 1, No 2 etc with no fixed limit
OE   = Open Edition where a shape (and or painting) is unnumbered

Only LE and LM tags are included on this page but further info on LPs and ONPs is on the links.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no list of values but this link gives some general info: Retired Values

Teashop & Telephone Barber Greengrocer Antiques
1 Banbury
+/– Phone. 1 Limited Mould
2a Colchester High Street
Straight Awning add-on
2b Colchester High Street
Round Awning add-on
3 London Haymarket
No known building variants
1990- 1990-1997 1990-1997 1990-
Teashop & Telephone
The Queen's Head LM100
Heraldry Centre, Farmers Market, The Winery
Barber above
Family Butcher
Awning Thing - article
Greengrocer above
Bakery, Hairdresser
Awning Thing - article
Antiques til 2001 above
Fancy That, Prezzo 6
London Haymarket Antiques - article
Florist Fish and Chips Post Office Sweet Shop
4 Maldon
A few canopies added
5a London Small Shop
Queue add-on or integral
5b London Small Shop
Post box add-on
5c London Small Shop
No queue or post box
1990-2004 1990-2010 1990-1995 1990-1993
The Florist above
Moonflower, Blue Florist
Fish & Chips above
Small Shop - article
Post Office above
Small Shop - article
Sweet Shop above
Small Shop - article
Red Lion Old Bookshop Corner Shop Chocolate Shop
6 London Liberty
No known building variants
7 Cambridge Bookshop 1
A few post box add-ons
8 Colchester Scheregate
Some post box add-ons
9 Colchester Dutch Quarter
No known building variants
1990-1991 1991-1992 1991-2000 1991-2004
The Red Lion (inn) above
Liberty Art Nouveau
Old Bookshops above Corner Shop above
Irish Linen, PO
The Chocolate Shop above
Easter Chocolates
Red Lion Harvard House Garrick Inn Sweet Shop
10 London Red Lion
No known building variants
11 Stratford Harvard House
No known building variants
12 Stratford Garrick Inn
No known building variants
13 Bath Chemist
1 Altered Mould w/cone
1991-2000 1991-1999 1991-2000 1991-
The Red Lion above
Qs & As - Red Lion
Harvard House above Garrick Inn above
Royal Oak
Sweet Shop AM above 1998-2005, Chemist
Bed and Breakfast Star of India Christmas Ironmonger Hardware
14 Portsmouth
No known building variants
15 London Indian
No known building variants
16a Witney
Limited Mould + add-ons
16b Witney
Limited Mould
1992-2013 1992-1997 LM300: 1992-1993 LM1200: 1993-1995
Doctor, Dentist, B & B above, Marmalade Teas Indian Restaurant above
mainly as Star of India
Christmas Ironmonger
Smiths Old Bookshop Christmas Shop Tom Morris Golf Shop and Flag
17 Bermudan
No known building variants
18 Cambridge Bookshop 2
Most with post boxes
19 Windsor Nell Gwynne
No known building variants
20 St Andrews with Flag
No known building variants
1993-1999 1993-1999 1993-2002 1994-1996
Smiths of Bermuda above
Forever Flowers
The Old Bookshop above
Old Bookshops article
Christmas Shop above
Harts & Flowers LM30
Windsor Nell Gwyn
Tom Morris Golf Shop
& Flag above
Tom Morris Golf Shop Victorian Post Office Anne Frank Fine Art Sale Room
21 St Andrews Tom Morris
No known building variants
22 Bury St Edmunds PO
No known building variants
23 Amsterdam
No known building variants
24 London Glynn's House
No known building variants
1994-1997 1994-1997 1995-2000 1995-2000 (+2005)
Tom Morris Golf Shop above, Saddlery Victorian Post Office above, Town Hall Anne Frank's House above Fine Art Saleroom above
La Belle Epoch
Bakery and Coffee Shop White Hart Greengrocer Jeweller
25 Canterbury Bakery
2 Limited Moulds as below
26 Southend
1 Limited Mould as below
2c Colchester High Street
As Altered Mould + Awning
2d Colchester High Street
No Awning
1995- 1995- 1995-2002 1996-1997 (mainly)
Bakery & Coffee above
Jubilee Souvenirs LM100
Fisherman LM30, add-ons
Sailmaker & Dive Centre
White Hart (Inn) above
Jubilee Tours LM100,
Seafarer, A Clean Sweep
The Cornucopia
Greengrocer 2 above: stall, man, window changes, Round Awning add-on
Awning Thing - article
Jewellers above
East Side Deli
Awning Thing - article
Sally Lunn Christmas Market Hall Mrs Thomas China Shop Top to Toe
27 Bath Sally Lunn
No known building variants
28 Ross-On-Wye
No known building variants
29 Burford
No known building variants
30 Kendal
No known building variants
1996-2006; 2014- 1996-2000 1996-2001 1996-2002
Sally Lunn, Village Stores
Talents of Windsor
Prince George's Birthday
Christmas Market Hall,
Mrs Thomas' China Shop above, Funeral Director, Tearooms, Jeweller Hat & Shoe above, Bridal
Bakery & Teas, Farrer's
The Cottage Shop
Corner Grocer Thomas Cook All Creatures Sainsbury's
31 Birmingham Grocer
No known building variants
32 Leicester Thomas Cook
No known building variants
33 Epping
Regular + 3 Limited Moulds
34 London Sainsbury
No known building variants
LE2000: 1997-1998 LE2000: 1997-2006 1997-2001 LE2000: 1998-2001
Corner Grocer above Thomas Cook above
Clements Dept Store
Jubilee Hall
All Creatures LM800
Bachelors LM200
Camping LM30
J Sainsbury above
J Sainsbury
St Giles Cafe Painswick Post Office Rose Marie Sherlock Holmes
35 Oxford St Giles
No arch marks on LF below
36 Painswick
No known building variants
37 Bath Abbey Green
No known building variants
38 London Sherlock
+/– Railings and lamp
1998-2006 1998-2002 1999- 1999-
St Giles Cafe above
Street Art
Light Fantastic
The Copper Kettle
Painswick Post Office above, Village Hall Rose Marie Couture
above, Surf Shack
Honiton Lace, Ski Chalet
Jane Austen Centre
Sherlock above, Police
Hound of the Baskervilles
Goodwyn School
Qs & As - Sherlock?
Les Miserables Old Curiosity Shop Raffles Filofax
39 Northampton
Regular & Flags Moulds
40 London Old Curiosity
1 Altered Mould as below
41 Windsor Curfew Yard
1 Limited Mould as below
42 London Filofax
No known building variants
1999- 1999-2005 1999-2006 LE2000: 2000-2006
Les Miserables above
Carols by Candlelight
Phantom, Synagogue
Electric Palace
Old Curiosity Shop above
Furniture, African Crafts
Keyboard Friends
Havering Lighting AM
Raffles above, Fezziwigs
Wine Merchant LM200
Bear Necessities
The Lemon Tree
St Paul's Office
Supplies above,
The Magic Carpet
London Tavern Shell Garage TV Shop Hazle's House
43 London Tavern
1 LM. Also see B Variations
44 Birmingham Garage
No known building variants
45 Upminster
No known building variants
46 Brentwood
No known building variants
2000- LE2000: 2000-2010 LE2000: 2000-2006 LE320: 2000-2001
London Tavern above
Tavern at Xmas LM200

Shell Corner Garage above, Reclamation Centre, The Glassworks Television Shop above
Pets Galore
Hazle's House above
red or brown hair
lady on top floor
Ladies Day Arty Crafts Boots Marks and Spencer
47 Leicester Turkey Cafe
No known building variants
48 Seaford
No known building variants
49 Nottingham
No known building variants
50 Liverpool M&S
No known building variants
2000-2002 2000-2004 LE2000: 2000-2004 LE2000: 2000-2004
Turkey Cafe above
Nightclub specials
Art Nouveau Gallery
Arty Crafts above
Mustard Shop
P Eades
Boots the Chemist above
Victorian Boots Chemist
Gordon Marks
Marks & Spencer above
Home & Colonial
G Cox & Son
International Community Church Adelphi Corner Bank Newsagent
51 Torquay Clocktower
Real/painted clock moulds
52 Smethwick
No known building variants
53 Chester
1 Limited Mould as below
54 West Malvern
Most with postbox add-ons
2001-2013 LE2000: 2001-2006 2001-2006 2001-
Cobham Church above
(Real clock discontinued
after a few years)
Royal Wedding Church
Films: Casablanca above
Miracle on 34th Street
Others: Bingo, Bowling
Ocean Cocktail Bar
Corner Bank above
Jubilee Library LM100
TSB Bank, Fishmonger
& Marine Broker
Post Office above, Police
Babushka, River Trips,
West Malvern PO,
PO News
WW1 Post Office
Oxfam 1 Oxfam 2 Gilberts Museum Cross Keys
55a Oxford Oxfam 1
As 1 Limited Mould only
55b Oxford Oxfam 2
As 1 Limited Mould only
56 Rugby
+/– 1 or 2 Canopies
57 London Cross Keys
No known building variants
LM1000: 2001-2006 LM1000: 2001-2006 2001-2003 2001-2004
Oxford Famine Relief above, Bookbinders
Why Shapes? - article
Oxfam above,
Bric a Brac
Why Shapes? - article
Rugby Museum above
Sports Shop 1-2 canopies
Winners 2 canopies
Cross Keys Inn above
Closing Down
Gnome Sanctuary
Prospect of Whitby Bookshop Chef's Paradise Royal Regalia
58 London Prospect
No known building variants
59 Hay-On-Wye
No known building variants
60 Sidmouth
1 LM200 for Xmas Kitchen
61 Windsor Thames Street
1 Limited Mould as below
2001-2004 2002- 2002- 2002-
Prospect of Whitby above
Caley's Ascot Hats
John English Gifts No 3
Bookshop above
Maps & Charts
Patisserie, Squibling
Kitchen Shop above
House on the Bridge
Ali Baba, Rods 'n' Reels
Those Were the Days
Buckets and Spades
Great British Bakery
Royal Regalia LM300 aboveDairy & Barber
Varsity Shop, Silk Route
His Master's Voice
Sea Jewels & Comics
Hessy's Luxury Chocolates The Sun Dickens Museum
62 Liverpool Hessy's
No known building variants
63 Tunbridge Wells
Add-on as below
64 Canterbury Burgate
Some w/ plaque as below
65 London Dickens
No known building variants
2002-2006 2003- 2003- 2003-
Hessy's Music Centre above, also painted
as The Music Shop
Qs & As - Specials
Chocolate Shop above
Prezzo 5
Queen's Biscuits, add-on
Out of Africa - article
The Sun Inn above
China Town
Suffolk Crafts
Cathedral Hotel + plaque
Dickens Museum above
Town Hall
Garden Shop Wisteria Tea Rooms Delicatessen Toy Shop
66 Uppingham Market
Xmas Ironmonger additions
67 Woodstock
No known building variants
68 Pateley Bridge 1
+/– Canopy, Xmas tree
69 Pateley Bridge 2
+/– Canopy, Xmas tree
2003- 2003- 2003-2011 2004-2011
Garden Shop above
Blacks Ironmonger
Xmas Ironmonger
Wisteria Tea Rooms above, Village School
Cottage Hospital
Village School
Delicatessen above
Tintin Shop, Pies & Mash
Little Betty's
Toys & Delis - article
Toy Shop above
Xmas Toys, Oyster Bar Lost & Found, Wheelers
Toys & Delis - article
Crooked Tea Rooms Alf Roberts Crooked House Lavenham Dickinson and Morris
70 Windsor Crooked Hse
No known building variants
71 Grantham
No known building variants
72 Lavenham
Haunted House add-ons
73 Melton Mowbray
Add-ons as below
2004- LE1000: 2004- 2005- 2005-
Crooked Tearooms above
Crooked Tearooms
Gingerbread Shop
Windsor Walk 2004
Alf Roberts Grocer above
Hazle's Workshop
Hazle's Pottery Barn
Year of the Snake
Crooked House above
The Haunted House
Pork Pie Shoppe above
Xmas Food Hall +/– tree
Rat Catcher + add-ons
Christmas Chantry Maxwell and Kennedy Lampard and :Livingstone Time Lord
74 Billericay
Snow addition as above
75 Cambridge Art Nouveau
No known building variants
76a Uppingham High St
LM with antiques
76b Uppingham High St
AM without antiques
2005- 2005- LM250: 2005-2008 2006-
Christmas Chantry above
Ye Olde Chantry
Maxwell & Kennedy above, Burlington Arcade
Year of the Monkey
Village Antiques above
in green, also in pink

The Time Lord above
Floris King's Head The Nutshell Lock & Co
77 London Floris
No known building variants
78 Windsor King's Head
No known building variants
79 Bury St Edmunds Inn
Add-ons as below
80 London Lock's
Additions as below
LE500: 2006- 2007- 2008- LE500: 2008-
Floris above, Prezzo 2
Mappa Mundi
Ye Olde Kings Head above
The Queen's Headscarf
Nutshell above, Smallest
, Year of the Horse
Cod Father + add-ons
Year of Horse
Lock & Co above
Ebenezer's + additions
Pall Mall Gazette
Priest's House Conquest House King's English F W Woolworth
81 Canterbury Priest's
1 Limited Mould as below
82 Canterbury Conquest
1 Limited Mould + add-ons
83 Canterbury King's
1 Limited Mould as below
84 London Woolworths
Xmas Santa add-on below
2009- 2009- 2009- 2010-
Priest's House above
Balthazar's Baubles LM30
Conquest House above
Palace St Poulterer LM30
The King's English above
The Daily Star LM30
F W Woolworth above
Xmas Woolworth + Santa
Paxton & Whitfield Chandlery Year of Dragon Windsor Guildhall
85 London Paxton's
See below for P&W fascia
86 Upton-upon-Severn
No known building variants
87 London Penhaligon's
No known building variants
88 Windsor Guildhall
No known building variants
LE500: 2010- 2011- 2012- 2012-
Paxton & Whitfield above
Year of the Rat without P&W raised letter fascia
Chandlery by River above
Our Mutual Friend
The Body Shop
Year of the Dragon above
Jamie Oliver's Fifteen
Windsor Guildhall above
The Queen at Guildhall
Elton John at Guildhall
London Maunders Colmans Christmas Prince George Oxford Alice
89 London Maunder's
No known building variants
90 South Shields
No known building variants
91 St Albans
No known building variants
92 Oxford Alice
No known building variants
LE50: 2012- 2012- 2013- 2015-
Fishmonger above Xmas Colman's above
Laura Ashley
Colman's Fish & Chips
Prince George Toys above
Ginger & Pickles
Ryders Seed Merchant
Hazle's Tea Party
Princess Charlotte

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