Shapes: Building Shape Names

From Marilyn on 6th January 2007 and revised on 2nd June 2011:

Building Shape Names

All of the current shape names are listed in the Orientation Guide along with some of their paintings.

As a work in progress, I continue to experiment with the best permanent names for buildings. The working title in the workshop usually goes by subject eg Bridal Shop or Bookshop. When a new Bridal or Bookshop comes along that is usually called the same, which is clearly impractical for a Hazle Guidebook.

In naming buildings I try to convey useful information such as the place, era, subject, popular usage or a combination - at the same time trying to keep the name short and memorable!

I now prefix each ceramic with the place name, unless there is only one model in a town when I simply use the town name. This reveals, for example, that to date there are 18 London buildings in the Nation of Shopkeepers range. I hadn’t realised it was that many.

The examples below give the background to some current shape names. (You may come across ceramics with former shape names on some older pages.):

The three models from Bath in order of issue are:

The five models from Windsor in order of issue are:

And finally:

One downside of the place name approach is that although it can shorten many ceramic names, some may seem long. But in practice most people, including myself, will continue to call the ceramics Thomas Cook, Sally Lunn and so on. The prefixes are just a more official title with the added dimension of the place. So unless someone comes up with a better idea, I will be sticking with this scheme for now.

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