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Eric Knowles & Investments

From Marilyn on 21st September 2004:

Eric Knowles who has a regular slot on ITV’s “This Morning”, appeared on the programme today just after 12 noon as part of a new feature on things you could buy now which will probably appreciate in value and therefore be good investments.

The day’s theme was ceramics and Hazle Ceramics got a brief mention by Eric along with Lorna Bailey, Sally Tuffin, Moorcroft and others. A model of Boots the Chemist LE2000 was shown. This is a fairly accurate transcript of what Eric said:

"If you are into property I think Hazle Ceramics do a wonderful range of these little terraced houses. This is actually a Limited Edition of Boots the Chemist which would set you back £62. Normally they are about £45-£47. The great thing is once you know someone who collects these things it is the perfect gift at Christmas."

Eric then moved to, among other things, Margaret Thatcher memorabilia which made me think of the yet-to-be launched Alf Roberts corner shop.

The general advice was to collect things "of the age we are living in". Tableware from Woolworths in the 1950s and 60s, that has come back in vogue and gone up in price, was used to illustrate the fact that mass-produced items can also be collectable. Not that mass production is ever likely to be a major concern for Hazle fans! And of course we already know that some retired Hazles can cost more to buy now.

Later Eric told Hazle and Stephen that his co-presenter Madeleine Marsh had hogged too much airtime and the producer was shouting into Eric's earpiece for him to move on. He said he would try to include Hazle Ceramics on another This Morning one day.

ITV at Hazle's Pottery Barn

From Marilyn on 4th April 2005:

Although I pressed them with questions the "This Morning" Helpdesk insisted the Hazle feature wasn’t on today. But in fact it was shown at around 12.10pm. Luckily we still had our DVD set for the whole show.

Starting in the Barleylands courtyard, presenter Alison claims to be looking for a wedding present for Charles and Camilla and then spots a sign in a window of Hazle’s Pottery Barn about gifts being available. Inside lots of children are busy painting plates and mugs with pictures of crowns and the couple. The film shows close-up views of several. Alison decides to have a go herself and gets a few children to help her paint a plate. Hazle has a small speaking part, saying that she thought it would be a fun thing for children to get involved with a piece of history happening in their own time. And it did look fun - with all the children, the workshop and the ceramics they were painting appearing bright, colourful and cheery.

Although no actual Hazle Ceramics were shown, the names Hazle Boyles and Hazle Ceramics Ltd were flashed up on the screen as Hazle spoke and the word Barleylands was mentioned by the presenter. Hazle is seen handing Alison her painted plate in a plastic carrier bag as she leaves. Some children waving union jacks follow Alison outside and shout out “Good Luck” to Charles and Camilla. The same plate is then shown in the "This Morning" studio at the end of the clip.

The story as told in the newsletter:

High Street News Issue 26
May 2005

Did you see us on the Telly?

One Wednesday afternoon, while we were still moving in, ITV phoned up - as they do - to ask if they could come the next day to film children making presents for Charles & Camilla's Wedding! We rose to the unusual challenge and if you ask nicely, we'll show you our 2 minutes of TV fame when you next visit.

The children enjoyed working with Alison who had 'risen to fame' through the Big Brother programme. The TV crew filmed all morning for the 2 minutes that went out on Monday 4th April, just as the announcement came that the Wedding date was to be changed! How collectable do you think articles with the 8th April will be in future?

To commemorate the Royal Wedding we have gilded the Bridal Shop with "Charles and Camilla" and the Post Office/Newsagent's headline board says "Royal Wedding Postponed for Pope's Funeral".

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