What People Say: Joyce Jessop

From Marilyn on 12th April 2005:

Sadly, after a difficult illness, Hazle collector Joyce Jessop died of cancer on 4th April aged 59. With support from Iain Rennie Hospice at Home, a local charity giving palliative care to terminally ill people, she was able to be with husband Brian in Tring, Hertfordshire until the last two weeks of her life. Brian has only praise for the charity.

Joyce discovered Hazle Ceramics with Brian at the Roding Arts stall in Hatfield House's craft fair, not far from home. One of Hazle’s earliest and most long standing collectors, she bought many of the Hazle Boyles front-signed pieces when they were originally issued. Hazle particularly remembers meeting her at a fair in Alexandra Palace when Joyce asked if there was going to be an Indian Restaurant. As one was already planned, Hazle was delighted to be given this vote of confidence in advance!

Chris and I met the Jessops at the original Woburn China Signing in 2003 and later that year at John English Gifts, Talents and Roding Arts. We were the first two couples to arrive at Woburn and Joyce and I chatted about her early Hazles. This was the Signing where the collectors wanted the same one-offs and with some gentle persuasion Hazle began the short-run Limited Painting system there and then. We were all happy about that! In his spare time Brian is an expert on butterflies and paints watercolours of them - which helped to fund their collection. Winning the Woburn China ceramic in their raffle, Brian joked that it was the only Hazle he owned - all the rest belonged to Joyce!

Joyce also collected Laura Dunn, who has been hand making ceramic figurines in a homely Victorian and Edwardian style since 1978. Like me you probably won’t have come across them as they are only sold at craft fairs and from Laura Dunn’s cottage in the neighbouring county of Bedfordshire. Brian said that Joyce enjoyed Hazle Ceramics because of her interest in the buildings and Laura Dunn because of her interest in people. She worked at a local art school providing pastoral care for the students.

Brian and Joyce managed to slip quietly into Talents of Windsor 2004 last autumn after other collectors had gone home. But sadly Joyce was too unwell to attend the Collectors’ Day this January. We last saw them at Len and Lesley’s barbecue in 2004, before her illness had been re-diagnosed. Brian and Joyce are standing at the back left in the final photo on our Roding Arts 2004 site. A similar picture is in High Street News Issue 26.

The Jessops weren’t members of the group but a copy of this will go to Brian, so I am repeating one of my favourite quotes: When a sage was asked the best thing to do in grief he replied, “Kind thoughts will reach your loved ones wherever they are.”

Hazle and Len are going to the funeral at Amersham Crematorium tomorrow at 10am.

With love and sympathy to Brian and his family,


From Clay:

Having had what appears to be a nearly identical experience I can only let Brian know that I know what this loss really feels like, and it is very painful.  May he find the strength to manage the days ahead.

From Yorkshire Karen:

Please pass my best wishes to Brian. I didn’t meet Joyce, and can only guess at the pain he must feel at losing his wife. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

From Marilyn on 5th November 2006:

We were delighted to meet up with Brian at Corn Craft and the 15th Anniversary in 2005 and at this year's Roding Arts Barbecue.

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